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Having had studios in some reasonably rural and remote locations, unboxing day is always a happy day.

Today an order arrived from Eckersley’s Art & Craft, they’ve been sending me watercolour paper, canvases, paint and all sorts of other wonderful stuff since last century. I can’t remember quite remember when, suffice to say the first orders involved a mail order catalogue and a phone orders. Followed by a patient wait for the mail to arrive. A far cry from the slick eCommerce experience these days.

However the excitement of the packages arriving is as enchanting as it’s ever been.

Today’s order involves;

  • Sheets of Arches Watercolur Paper (Rough & Medium)
  • An A5 pad of Arches Rough Watercolour Paper for quick studies
  • A box of Jasart Aqua Brushes (haven’t tried these before, I’m hoping they’ll extend my ability to use quirky, very personal calligraphy in my watercolours.

The bonus I didn’t order and was pleasantly surprised with. Was lovely sample pack of Mars Lumograph pencils, featuring the new Mars Lumograph Black.

It’s almost as if they knew I almost exclusively use them.

So now I guess, I best get to work.