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Dean Power

Landscape Artist


Painting Pants

Some days I wish I was a clean painter. The clinical kind who has all their brushes in a row, and papers ordered from heavy to light. Like a surgeon waiting to replace a heart. Then I remember how good it is to feel like I'm in the centre of it, the smell of paint,...

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Enter The Birds – Stone AND Sea

Fish Of The Sky, Fowl, Flying flocks of feathers, Vertebrate of the class Aves, Shapeshifting Spirit Guides that follow us through life. Birds, they're almost elemental. That is why they have found their way in to preliminary sketches for Stone and Sea, an upcoming...

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Wattle Landscape Drawings

Happy New Year. May 2014 be a year of deeper connection for people everywhere. For the first day of the year I spent my studio time reconnecting with a familiar motif, the Wattle Sutra. Some underpainting on a small canvas and some drawing. Getting back into wattle is...

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