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Dean Power

Landscape Artist


Born With In

I hate to admit it took me 45 odd years to realise. I had missed the artistic opportunity that my Mum and Dad gave me at birth. My initials d p work together perfectly to make a very cool signature, almost yin and yang style, they compliment each other. I...

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Unboxing Day

Having had studios in some reasonably rural and remote locations, unboxing day is always a happy day. Today an order arrived from Eckersley's Art & Craft, they've been sending me watercolour paper, canvases, paint and all sorts of other wonderful stuff since last...

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Wet In Wet Watercolour :Studio Saturday

Watercolour can be a heart breaking medium. When working loose wet in wet all sorts of magic happens. The colours are vibrant, the shapes are organic, graduated, sedimentary, merging, blending, bending. It's a joy to bear witness. Then the inevitable happens, the...

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Pen And Ink Underpainting: Studio Saturday

I love using a dip pen and ink in the underpainting stage of my watercolours. This type of drawing sets a strong structure for the painting and captures the idiosyncrasies of my own calligraphy. Watercolour works wonderfully when it's loose and wet. So the combination...

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